Minimalist Extreme Speed Ultimate

The Purest Phone Browser

Minimal design, no news, no notification, no ads, no background service, no wake-up system, no user data collection.

Main Features

Minimalist Design

Simple user interface and convenient settings, no ads, no push, no background services, making the search and browsing experience unimpeded.

Ad Blocker

Super ad blocking, automatically filtering the advertising content during browsing. Help users save traffic, increase battery life, and increase page load speed.

Video Download

Powerful video sniffing capabilities, easy to download web video files when browsing the web.

Screen Capture Graffiti

Easily save screenshots of webpages and provide graffiti editing.

QR Code Scanner

Support fast QR code scanning.

Night mode

Use night mode to change the color of your browser. Protect your eyes and make it easy for users to browse and read at night or when the light is dim.

Offline Webpage

Save any webpage you like, even when you are offline, you can reopen and browse.

Page Translate

When you visit a multilingual website, you can quickly translate it into the default language of your phone, or you can customize it to other languages you want. Currently supports translation in more than 40 languages.